Machete Paintball

Da Rules

last updated Sunday, 02 November 14

Field rules

Every one who goes on the field will read the rules each day. Skills test of making the marker ready to fire and making the marker safe will be done for every player as needed.

- Obey the Refs, their word on the field is supreme.

- No drama, horseplay, or jackassery.

- Masks are not to be taken off during a game for any reason. If the mask leaves your face during game play do not attempt to look for it. Cover your eyes, turn away from the action, and repeatedly shout "Ref!" for the Ref who will assist you. The Safe Area is now netted so you may take your mask off during play in the Safe Area *only*.

- If you were not on the field at the beginning of a game, stay out until the next game.

- Boundaries are bright ribbons; screened area is the Safe Area.

- Games begin with 1 whistle blast, end with 2 whistle blasts. 5 blasts mean hold for an emergency; stop all action and make safe your marker.

- No blind firing. Know at what you are shooting. Also don't shoot refs or animals.

- Think you hit someone? Got hit? Call "Paintcheck (area of the body)".

- Within 10' of another player, you must safety kill! Do not shoot! Point the marker at the target, and shout "Safety kill!", reguardless if you ran out of air or paintballs or your marker jammed. If both players shout "Safety kill!" at the same time both players are dead. If a player shoots another within 10' the shooter is dead.

- You are out when a paintball breaks on your body, your marker, or a barrier you are carrying at the time. If a ball does not break you may continue play. If you call yourself out, discovering later the ball did not break, you are still out.

- When you are eliminated shout "Hit!" (don't be shy!) and raise your hand. Then de-cock your marker, put your barrel condom on, and walk to the Safe Area so refs can keep track who is still playing. Expect to be hit several times after shouting out. Shooting someone who is obviously out will earn you a point of jackassery. When eliminated with the flag, immediately hang the flag in a visible place.

- 10 minute games, Darth Vader, and Popcorn (see Game Variations) are always in effect unless otherwise stated before the beginning of the game.

- Dead men don't talk. Talking with others on the field when you are out is distracting to the players still in the game. Stay quiet when not in play.

- All markers will be chronographed to 250 to 280 feet per second. Speed will be determined by as many shots is needed to show consistency. Rates of fire will be less than 12 balls per second.

- Splatter: Nickel size solid paint counts (grenades, mines, spray from hitting a barrier).

- Be honest! The Ref can't see everything. Wiping is an unforgivable sin, period.

- Use common sense, use it at all times! Leave your cleats at home, it will tear up the moss on the paths. No physical contact. We are all friends, don't be a douche. Do not look down the barrel at any time when cocked. Fire only paintballs out of the marker. Do not use balls which have touched the ground; the dirt and moisture wreak havoc on the internals of the marker. Leave keys, wallets, cell phones, and other valuables off your person before playing.

Extrapolated from Paintball Times, Durty Dan, and tons of personal experience. =)

Game Day Tips

- If your mask starts to fog, start running. The more air circulating through the mask the less it will fog. To prevent fogging do not wear the mask on your head in between games.

- Do not leave your marker in the sun on a hot day. CO2 expands when heated and could blow the seals in the marker. Do keep your marker in the sun when the temperature is less than 10 C (50 F) so the tank warms and has gaseous CO2 rather than liquid CO2 which freezes the marker's seals.

- Do not tip the CO2 tank attached to the marker upside down. Liquid CO2 can flow into the marker and freeze the o-ring seals, causing a blowout.

- Fill your loader to 1/2" from the top to allow paintballs to drop into the marker effectively.

- Do not assume. If not sure about anything, ASK! All people who come out are friendly and most are knowledgeable.

- Keep all your stuff off my tables, including the gear you are borrowing. I need the space for distributing paintballs and fixing markers at a moment's notice.

- The bathroom is downstairs. Don't worry about taking shoes off before going down there, it's expected to get dirty.

- Do not approach the dog, she will bite you.

- Please unknot any coloured armbands when not on your arm.

- Laundry pile is next to the blue food table.

- Recycling is in the big blue bin to the left of the door as you go in the house.

Before playing on the field:
- Marker
- Mask
- Gas
- Paint
- Ability and comfort in using a marker
- Hat
- Water
- Towel
- Optional: gloves, neck guard
- Mask
- Vest
- Whistle
- Stopwatch
- Squegee
End of day:
- Laundry (no knots)
- Trash/recycling cleanup
- Return extra paint
- Tanks off markers
- Wipe marker and clean mask
- Help carry equipment back downstairs
- Have a burger and beer

Parts of a Marker

Parts of a marker
(Thanks, Wikipedia)
(How a marker works)

Field Layout (Rough)

Travis Hopkins came up with the name Machete Paintball due to our brush clearing excursions on the field. =) Here's a crude LOGO bitmap of the clearcut paths on the field. Entrance is near the compass rose, brush is in green, current paths outlined in white, and yes it is to scale.

Da Field

There is actually no more turret, it fell over at the end of 2007. But there is now a path going below the lower path parallel to the creek.

Game variations

- Black Knight - a la Monty Python's "Holy Grail", or Army Dodge. Once you are hit in a body part, other than the head or the torso which eliminates you, you cannot use that body part. Division between arm & torso is determined by the seam on a regular t-shirt, groin & leg by line from hip to crotch. Game ends with last person/team standing.

- Bunny Hunt - One person (bunny) with a shield vs. everyone else (the hunters) with only 20 rounds each. When hunters run out of rounds they are out of the game.

- Capture The Flag - One flag is placed halfway between teams. Game ends when the flag is carried back to one's own base.

Variant: Each base has a flag which the other team tries to steal. Game ends when one team brings the other team's flag back to their base.
- Civil War - Paintballs must be loose or in a plastic bag, not in tubes or any bulk loading system, and loaded in to the markers by hand one at a time. Another paintball cannot be loaded until the one in the marker has been shot.

- Darth Vader - Blocking shots with the palm of the hand does not count as being eliminated. This rule is constantly in effect unless otherwise stated.

- Downed Pilot - A plane was shot down in enemy territory. Luckily, the pilot, armed only with a pistol, survived and there are no enemies in the immediate area, giving time to hide. After two minutes the enemy enters the vicinity and looks for the pilot. Another two minutes pass and the pilot's buddies follow the distress signal and arrive to safely escort the pilot off the field, or be horribly ambushed by the enemy. Game ends when the pilot is eliminated or safe.

Variant: Black Box. The plane's flight recorder must be retrieved by either side. Game ends when the Black Box exits the field via the enemy or ally entrance.

- El Presidente - One or two snipers along a predetermined parade route to the White House try to pick off the unarmed President surrounded by his Secret Service. Game ends when the President or sniper(s) are eliminated.

- Free-For-All - Every person for themselves after a 20 second head start to run and hide.

- Firing Squad - Just what it sounds like, one shot from each in the line or shoot 'til the victim drops. Used to satiate masochistic tendencies, a punishment, and pot shots on me in this style is the traditional kickoff for the day.

- Gettysburg - see Civil War

- Hunters - Play starts with more prey than hunters. When a prey is killed by a hunter, the prey becomes a hunter. When a prey kills a hunter, the hunter is eliminated. Play ends when there are no more hunters or prey.

- Headhunter - Everyone for themselves. When you make a kill, you receive the armband of the person you killed, and only the armband of the person you kill, not any of the armbands the person has collected so far. Winner will be determined by the person who has collected the most armbands.

- Medic - One person on the team is the Medic. They do not have a marker and have a white flag tied on their non-team colour arm. When people are elimated they do not walk off the field, they stand with their hands above their head. Medics then go to downed team members and touch them to resurrect them. Play ends with the last team standing.

- Night Paintball - Glowsticks. 'Nuff said.

- Popcorn- If the time limit to the round expires but there is still a firefight the game will continue if there is at least one shot every 5 seconds (like knowing when popcorn is done popping).

- Prison Break - Twice as many prisoners as guards, each prisoner has a pod of ammo, but the prisoners only have one marker per two or so prisoners.

- Regeneration - When elimated you see the Ref who will tally the times of each person out. Winner is the one who has the most eliminations minus times eliminated within 10 minutes.

- Tag Team - Two on two, but each team has reserve players. When both players on a single side are eliminated, they are replaced by two of the reserve players on the same side. Game ends when one entire team is eliminated.

- Terminator - One person has two markers and a sytrofoam cup taped to the center of their chest. Only a hit to the styrofoam cup causing a hole will eliminate the Terminator. Game play ends with the elimination of the Terminator or everyone else. A field favourite!

- Zombie - Only a head shot eliminates players.

Games may be combined. Example: Zombie Hunter - Hunters killed by zombies become zombies. Zombies are only killed by head shots.

Darth Vader and Popcorn is always in effect, time limit for any game is at most 10 minutes, no fire is friendly fire.

Compiled from Durty Dan, even more game ideas here, my imagination, and
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