Big-Ass Camp-Out Paintball Weekend 5
2005 November 19-20

Wow, what a weekend! Just enough markers for people, had a couple Terminator rounds, and no one shot the ref. =) The cold put off camping and night paintball, though. Plans are laid out to have just building days: building new barriers, fixing old ones, making some ghillie suits from mesh I have acquired, making a recording of my intro to spend more time directing games, and training new refs. Oh yeah, more markers! The Flowers children - Andrew, RD, and James - tell me they know people looking to get rid of equipment, and Matt loves to lurk late-night on eBay for the best deals. Sometime in the winter we will definately have a building day. =)

The rotating turret + fort. =)

John, your ghillie suit is AWESOME!

Sorry, teammate.
(No fire is friendly fire)

Terminator before

Terminator after .... and he lived!
(We modified Terminator to have a small styrofoam cup
duct taped to the center of the 'X' on their chest)

Dad with the burgers and dogs. =)

Me, Rich, as El Presidente, surrounded by my faithful bodyguards ....

.... who fall away from, instead of on, me when fire starts coming. =P
President still lived, though felt many shots whizzing past his bum.

That sniper on the President had an awesome spot.
Behold the powers of the ghillie suit!

Cold days make for a good excuse for lots of padding. =)

Wow, that Ref is kinda scary lookin'.
I don't want to think what would happen if I accidentally shoot her.

Andrew giving the cover fire!

On your marks, get set, ....

Shawn, marker tech extraordinaire!

Ever get the feeling you're all alone, RD?

Proof John hides well;
the orange vest befuddles him.

Time to chrono markers!

Yeah Mike, with the one horn on his mask.

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