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Green necklace
Anodized niobium byzantine connecting sterling leaves
This is the second micromaile design I created, transposing what one would normally find in nature: green leaves and silver wire.

Corduroy choker
The picture does this pattern no justice. You just have to feel why it's called corduroy. =)

Turkish chain
(sometimes called Tryzantine)

Full Persian 4-in-1 alternating
This was a display piece for a while before I donated it, to the Taste and Auction of Howard County, run by Hospice.

European 4-in-1
aka International pattern

European 6-in-1

European 8-in-2
aka King's maile

Box chain

Half Persian 3-in-1
Half Persian 4-in-1

Pennsic medallion with chain
Here's a chain I made for my Pennsic medallion

Close-up of the Pennsic medallion chain

Necklace of King's Byzantine made of 316L stainless steel and brass. I also made the clasp.

Creations | Necklaces | Bracelets | Flowers | Bellydance | Other