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Stretchy maile! Half Persian 3-in-1 in red aluminium and black rubber.

Stretchy maile! European 4-in-1 in blue aluminum and black rubber.

European 4-in-1 5356 with red epdm
Stretchy maile worn on my wrist to show size.

Persian 4-in-1 in 3 tone (brass, copper, stainless steel) permamaile bracelet
Permamaile, the newest and latest craze! Permanantly attach maile to your body for a body modification outlet other than piercing or tattooing. Be the first kid on your block to have one! Impress your friends! Freak out your parents!

Half Persian 4-in-1
stainless steel
Half Persian 4-in-1
brass/stainless steel

Half Persian 4-in-1
bronze/stainless steel
Half Persian 4-in-1
brass/bronze/stainless steel

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